A great way to start the new year helping young people with ADHD is to listen to Edward Hallowell, MD speak about his experiences with ADHD.  As founder of the renowned Hallowell Centers in New York and Boston and one of the foremost experts in ADHD, Dr. Hallowell has long debunked ADHD as a disorder.  He feels strongly that when effectively managed, having ADHD can be an asset in one's life.  He not only speaks from his vast professional experience, he speaks from the heart...

On 1/11, I went to a screening of ADD and Loving It! in New York.  After the film, Dr. Hallowell and his staff fielded questions from the engaged audience.  Dr. Hallowell talked about his own ADHD and said that it would have been impossible for him to have written 18 books without his ability to hyperfocus and block everything else out -- a hallmark of ADHD.  He said that his three children have ADHD, and he was very heartened by something that his youngest said after school just days before the screening. 

His son's teacher had asked members of the class to name the three personal attributes of which they are most proud.  "Easy," he said.  "I'm most proud of my athletic skill, my intelligence, and my ADHD!"  

 To read more of Dr. Hallowell's positive perspective on life with ADHD, visit his blog at www.hallowell.com/blog.


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